My name is Tania and my partner and I had been looking for a dog to become a part of our family. We have a 5 year old boy called Sammy who has autism. We have always been upfront about Sammy’s autism when looking for a dog. It seemed only fair to disclose it.
We have had many disappointments in our search which has upset Sammy no end. I can understand why organisations may not want their animals to go to a family that has a child with autism, but as the saying goes if you have met one child with autism, then you have met ONE child with autism. Each child is different.
Just before Christmas, a friend told us that we should try looking on Petrescue. My partner had a look and found Maddy – and from there, EVERYTHING changed. I texted Kim and asked about Maddy. We were told that Maddy was still available and as we have always done, we told Kim that Sammy has autism.
We arranged a meet and greet and Kim welcomed us into her home with open arms and no preconceptions. It was pure magic. We had a lovely time and Maddy was perfect. Sammy’s autism wasn’t even an issue.
After Christmas Kim came up with the fantastic idea of gradually integrating Maddy into our home. It was an act of a) kindness due to the overhead on Kim’s part and b) genius as Sammy and Maddy could get to know each other.
The visits have gone swimmingly and Maddy is now a part of our family. She has already made a difference to Sammy’s life (and ours) and we have gained a new and much loved extended family member in Kim. We are incredibly grateful to her for seeing beyond the autism and recognising the amazing person Sammy is.

That was the story some years ago
Today Maddy and Sammy are best of mates
Maddy helps comfort Sammy and lets the family know if there is an issues over night
Maddy and Sammy are a perfect match

Despite the fact Sammy has Autisum
Sammy is now at school and doing really well
Autisum has not stopped this little man from shinning
and Maddy has help him along his journey