Forever Homes From the Past

 Want to thank you again and tell you what a wonderful dog daisy has turned out to be. Could not have asked for a more obedient and friendly little puppy. She has learnt everything there is to know so quickly, cannot mention a single thing she has done wrong since I’ve had her (apart from the very occasional accident on the carpet ) absolutely everyone loves her.

Banjo had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday. Had a swim and a run down the sand. Then got a hydro bath on the way home


One of our many success stories helping disabled people purchasing a dog
This dog was from another rescue group but we were hands on in finding the right dog for this man and his fellow house mates.

Rosie came into care in 2015, completely blind and in need of eye surgery.  Despite these setbacks, she found her forever home and is spending her days being a loved member of the family.

Hunter in his new forever home. Hunter has struck it lucky. His new family think he is THE best and they all just love him to pieces already. He has settled in really well and he and his new friend Murphy get along like a house on fire.


Another good weekend heading our way with the adoption of the original fluffy brothers Boots and Sox rehomed to an amazing family filled with lots of love 
Thats 2 adoptions in one go yahoo