Foster Carers

Most of the dogs rescued from council pounds come with a limited history.  We need foster parents to provide a temporary home, to get to know the animals in their care, and to provide information to our prospective adopters.

Though the bulk of our rescue work is adult dogs, pregnant animals may need fostering before during and after delivery of the litter, to ensure puppies are weaned and socialised properly in a safe and caring environment.  A separate room is desirable for this to allow the new mum some privacy and a sense of security.  Litters of puppies may also need fostering at times, either with or without their mother.

We also have senior dogs that need foster homes, as well as dogs needing rest and rehabilitation after illness, injury or surgery.

Foster carers do not need to have a dog of their own; and can be the ideal solution for someone unable to commit long-term to owning a dog.

Foster carers are required to provide a loving home, secure yard with shelter and water available at all times.  Food and bedding can be supplied if required.